Smith & Co. Consignment, LLC opened their doors for the first
time on April 10, 2015, but in heart and mind it was originally dreamed
of many years prior. Lisa Smith, owner and her husband, Tim had always wanted to own a business of their own. Lisa enjoyed consignment shops and one day had this idea pop into her head that she could open a
consignment shop! In her words, “It just bubbled out of me from deep
within.” At the time, Lisa and Tim had 4 small children ranging from 10
down to 4 years of age. Lisa wanted to raise their children and knew if
she pursued this dream, she would miss those children growing up. The
decision was made to put the dream on hold for several years, Of course,
there are always those voices on each shoulder saying yes you can and no you can’t. So, Lisa mulled the idea over and over and talked about it for a long time while being a stay at home mom.

One day, she suddenly knew in her mind and in her heart she could do
it. She read books on being a business owner, took online accounting classes, and studied the consignment industry as best she could. She shopped all the shops she could find and paid close attention to how they operated, what she loved about them and what she didn’t like so much. It was important to her and Tim that their shop be very clean and organized with very nice furniture, home décor, clothing and accessories for the family. They wanted folks to feel welcomed, comfortable and relaxed while shopping at Smith & Co. Consignment.

Once the decision was made to go for it, the real work began and now
going on 6 years later, it’s still going! A few changes have been made
over the years with discontinuing children’s after about 2 years, a
remodel earlier this year while shut down for Covid-19 to provide more
sales floor space, incorporating some residential moves for some of our consignors, estate sales and buyouts, and finally this website where you can shop online 24/7! It has been a road of joyful moments and accomplishments filtered in with some long, hard days ending in tears
which probably goes with the territory of being a business owner.
Everything continues to be a learning experience and an adventure beyond
anything they could ever imagine. They continue to enjoy all the
wonderful people they meet on a daily basis and although unexpected
prior to opening, the stories they hear about the lives and situations
of their clients and the connections they make with these people, drives
home the real reason this shop came to be. Everyone has a purpose, and although their business is to help folks sell their gently used items, the real purpose probably goes way deeper than any material item there is, and that is why they are happy to be here for the community and surrounding triad area.

Our retail store

1515 Union Cross Rd
Kernersville, NC 27284

336 497-5290

Sun: 1pm - 5pm
Mon - Tues: Closed
Wed - Thurs: 10am - 7pm
Fri - Sat: 10am - 6pm

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