The Scents of Spring and Summer

5 Essential Oils You Need for Summer!

Essential oils are an incredible way to support the body and mind all year long, but there are a few that would be extra beneficial to have around in the next few months.  In case you are an oil newbie, here are some quick facts about essential oils.

  1. A pure essential oil is 50-75% MORE potent than its herbal counterpart. Essential oils are safe because they come from the root, stem, seed, or flower of a plant.  doTERRA essential oils are the most tested and the most trusted essential oils on the market due to their sourcing, harvesting, and testing standards.
  2. Essential oils are effective. Our cells are made up of a fatty lipid membrane, and because essential oils are oily in nature, they can easily penetrate the membrane and get inside of a cell, which is incredibly important when we are fighting viruses which duplicate their DNA inside the cell.  Doctors tell us to rest and drink plenty of fluids when we have a virus.  That's because antibiotics are water based and can only fight bacterial infections that grow on the outside of the cell membrane.
  3. Essential oils are also affordable. One dose is one drop, so many of doTERRA's essential oils are only 9-15 cents per dose!  I wish other things I use daily were so affordable!
  4. Finally, there are three ways to use essential oils: aromatically through the use of diffusers, topically when diluted with a carrier oil for localized benefit, and internally (doTERRA only).  Because of the purity standard the company maintains, many of doTERRA’s oils are safe to be consumed.  Think about it.  A lemon is entirely edible.  So if the lemon essential oil I have bought over the counter says it can't be used internally, well, I must conclude the company has altered the oil in some form.

And now, for the top five oils of summer...

  1. Peppermint - Combine peppermint with distilled water and spray on back of neck and bend of knees when hot. A drop on the roof of the mouth makes a great breath freshener.  It will take the burning feeling out of burned skin, whether that's from a grill or the sun.
  2. Lavender - Layer lavender with peppermint on a burn. Layer with peppermint for head tension.  Put a little on an itchy bug bite.  Lavender is good for all things calming from the mind for sleep to the skin.
  3. Lemon - This oil is a great addition to a glass of water (never add citrus essential oils to plastic!). Put some in a spray bottle to clean surfaces or in a mop bucket to clean the floor or spray on hair to attract the sun and blonde the hair out.  Combine lemon with peppermint and lavender when pollen counts are high and the effects start to kick in.
  4. Lemongrass - DILUTE! DILUTE! DILUTE! This oil is a great insect repellant!  It is also great for cramps and charley horses after hiking or achy joints in general due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Citrus Bloom - This oil is just great to diffuse! It makes the house smell happy and citrusy and clean and happy!  Did I already say that?  Citrus Bloom also makes a great "pure-fume!"  

If you'd like to know more about essential oils, please reach out!

Tiffany Wood


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