Guest Blog- Heather Peters

My name is Heather Peters, owner of Simply Organized Spaces. My friend Linda and I service the Piedmont Triad area as professional organizers. We have been helping many different people for two years. Our clients have been single moms who are overwhelmed, aging seniors who need help downsizing, and everything in between! Our mindset is to help people be more comfortable in their space by using what they already have. Our goal is not to add more chaos to life by creating a long shopping list of bins and baskets. If those are needed, we will certainly offer that suggestion, but we often find that a client has exactly what they need to make their space work! 

Three main principals we organize by are:

- “A place for everything and everything in its place” - Benjamin Franklin

When you need to use the scissors, how wonderful it is to find them sitting in their home, rather than ransacking the house in search for them!

-If it’s not being used on a daily basis or a rotated seasonal item, get rid of it!

We know this is not an easy concept to execute, but it is so worth it. Many clients have commented on how freeing it is to get rid of the clutter and have room to store the things they actually are using.

-if something isn’t working or bringing you joy, change it! 

Do you seldom use your dining room? Change it into a library, sitting room, or craft space. Are you tired of your old decorations? Pack them up and take them to Lisa at Smith & Co. to sell. Are you tired of your daffodils being in the same place that you just don’t love? Move them! 

Take the day by the horns and control it rather than letting the day, or your “stuff”, control you! 

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